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Chongqing TR Oil Purifier Co., Ltd


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Our products as follows : 1. Insulating oil purifier1.1. Series ZJB: Tongrui vacuum insulation oil purifier 1.2. Series ZJB-A: Tongrui Vacuum insulation oil automation purifier 1.3. Series ZJB-R: Tongrui vacuum insulation oil regeneration purifier 1.4. Series ZJA: Tongrui Double-stage vacuum insulation oil purifier 1.5. Series ZJA-A: Tongrui double-stage vacuum insulation oil automation purifier 1.6. Series ZJA-R: Tongrui double-stage vacuum insulation oil regeneration purifier1.7. Series ZJA-M: Tongrui Mobile Type Transformer Oil Purification Plant, Oil Recycling2. Turbine oil purifier2.1. Series ZJC: Tongrui vacuum turbine oil purifier 2.2. Series ZJC-R: Tongrui vacuum turbine oil regeneration purifier 2.3. Series ZJC-A: Tongrui vacuum turbine oil automation purifier3.Lubricating oil purifier3.1. Series ZJD: Tongrui vacuum lubricating oil purifier 3.2.Series ZJD-R: Tongrui vacuum lubricating oil regeneration purifier3.3. Series ZJD-M: Tongrui vacuum lubrication oil automation purifier 3.4 Series ZJD-F: Tongrui Oil Purifier for Fuel oil, Light oil and Vegetable oil4. Portable Mini Oil Purifier and Oiling Purifier4.1 Series YL Tongrui Portable Mini Oil Purifier and Oiling Purifier4.2 Series YL-V Tongrui Vegetable Oil Purifier5. Engine oil purifier5.1. Series NRC Tongrui engine oil purifier5.2. Series NRF Tongrui engine oil recycling plant5.3. Series NRY Tongrui engine oil recycling plant6. Chemicals:6.1 Tetraethylene Pentamine (TEPA)6.2 Activated White Clay
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Company Name: Chongqing TR Oil Purifier Co., Ltd Company Type: Enterprise ()
Area: China Company Size:
Registered Capital: N/A Registered Year: 1999
Security deposit: Already paid 0.00 USD
Business Scope: tepa,tetraethylenepentamine,whiteclay,activatedclay,clay
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